Tips from psychologists about moving

Don’t doubt your decision moving with local packers and movers. Don’t be put off by a lack of confidence and a sense of control – it’s natural when it comes to moving to another city. No matter what happens, you need to view the move as a life experience or a quest for you and your family to complete.

Prepare the ground. If you do not have any of your relatives in a foreign city, psychologists advise you to find friends on social networks or on forums of city portals before moving. This will serve as a kind of emotional support.

Improve your health. Do cardio, yoga, walk a lot. Physical activity helps to cope with stress much more effectively than medications.

Pay off your debts. Before leaving, take care to distribute all debts. Be sure that you do not have tax debts, utility bills or traffic police fines. Also remember, perhaps you borrowed money from neighbors or relatives – then it’s time to give it back. Thus, you will make it easier for yourself to move from a moral point of view.

Be open to change. Whatever the situation and whatever the desire to leave for another city, you should not “burn all the bridges”. Do not exclude the option that life may not work out in a new place, so let relatives and friends wait for you at home, who will gladly accept you back.