Hooray! The move is over, the movers have left, and now you are in a new place with all your belongings. But then you look around and you see boxes everywhere. You open the first box in the living room – it contains dishes. Go to the kitchen and there you will find blankets with clothes in boxes. You are already tired, and the move is not yet close to completion.

There is a simple solution to this problem that can be used at the time of packaging: label each box as it fills up. In this case, the movers will be able to

Cardboard box marked Moving Day isolated on white background

carry the marked boxes to the right room. After all, the last thing you want on moving day is spending extra hours looking for things around the house, and then moving everything to its place.

A simple label on each box will make it much easier to unpack at a new location and you will immediately feel at home. In addition, the markings will help movers navigate the safest way to place the boxes in the van. For example, writing “fragile” on antique china boxes will prevent them from being at the very bottom or under your dumbbell boxes.