How to properly deflate a piano when moving?

The best way is to ask for help from After packaging, delicate musical cargo can be taken out. It is to take out, not to roll out. We do not use rollers so as not to break them, not to damage the tool and not to scratch the floor covering. Raise the piano 10–15 cm above the floor. We support it from below, carefully monitor the balance and carefully move towards the exit. We act in sync. We carry through the doorway carefully, without touching the surfaces.

During the descent along the flights of stairs, we unfold the valuable cargo correctly: with the back wall to the railing. We lower it carefully and slowly. We move in a coordinated manner, without jerks and distortions. We make stops by prior agreement and only on flat areas. We secure the piano to the maximum from all sides and try to keep it in a straight position. Compliance with this rule will help loaders maintain balance, prevent slipping and falling of the load.

If the tool is from the category of heavyweights, it is advisable to use wide, strong belts. We carry them under the bottom and securely fix them. We make loops at the ends of the belts, throw them over the shoulders and additionally fix them on the back. Done right, this will help distribute the weight evenly, better control the descent of the piano, and gently carry it outside.