3 signs you are hiring the right movers

When moving from one house to another, it is very important to find reliable movers whom you can trust with your valuables. Regardless of the distance – moving around the city or moving across the country, you just need to know that the professionals you hire will take good care of your household items and deliver them from your current home to a new location.

When you are preparing to leave, the main question that can keep you tossing and turning at night is this: did you choose the right movers?

After all, moving is considered to be one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through in their life. And in most cases, choosing the right movers for you will guarantee the success of your move.

How do you know you’ve hired the right movers? The following 3 signs will help you understand if you are hiring the right moving company for you and your family.

Sign 1: Your movers are properly registered and official.

Choosing the right carriers always means that these companies must be properly registered with government agencies. Their legal status is of paramount importance – you definitely don’t want to deal with dishonest scammers who have no paperwork and no accountability.

All companies must have a TIN code – a sequence of 10 Arabic digits, of which the first two are the code of the subject of the Russian Federation, the next two are the number of the local tax office, the next five are the number of the taxpayer’s tax record in the territorial section of the USRN and the last is the check digit.

It is also mandatory to have a PSRN number – this is the main state registration number that a legal entity receives when registering with the tax authorities.

Any of these numbers allows you to check:

whether the company to which it is assigned is operating;
what is its legal address;
Full name of the head;
whether the firm is a one-day business;
whether the head is blacklisted by the Federal Tax Service.
Specify one of these company codes, enter it on the tax RF website or even in a search engine and compare the results with what the movers indicate about themselves.

Sign 2: Your movers have a good reputation.

You can be sure that you are choosing the right movers when they have an excellent reputation among their former clients. The better the transport company performs, the better its reputation will be, and therefore more and more people will recommend the services of these movers to friends, neighbors, colleagues and even strangers.

You have to check the online reputation of those who have been chosen – just search for the name of the company and + reviews, and read what people who have already used the services of these movers write.

Choosing the highest rated movers will give you the confidence that your valuables will be in good hands. Read also: How to spot fake moving reviews

Sign 3: The movers are experienced in your type of move.

Some companies are better at certain activities than others, and your job is to find the best carrier for you, i.e. for your particular type of move.

When researching movers, be sure to ask the professionals if they have significant experience with your particular type of move. After all, a house move is very different from an office move, so you need to know that movers have enough experience to handle it all.

Also, if you’re taking your precious piano with you or your priceless grandpa’s grandfather clock, you should know that your movers have already moved such things many times before. Successfully, of course.